Books Are Amazing.

Just a short note here on SOTI today, to let you all know that whilst I HAVE written a blog post this weekend, it's hosted elsewhere! On the absolutely beautiful and funny and interesting and fabulous essbeevee. Well, her blog. Real essbeevee (Sarah) is at Glastonbury, where I'd LOVE to be right now....but instead, I've spent the weekend mooching around reading and eating fruit in the sunshine, which I guess is isn't too bad and is also kinda fitting, given that the post I wrote is all about BOOKS! My favourite books, to be precious. Or at least SOME of them...

And yes, I would have included Harry Potter, and yes I'm sad and ashamed I didn't, but if I DID then Sarah would have had to dedicate her entire blog to me for the next three months, because I will never, ever stop waffling about Harry Potter if someone gets me started.

Want to see which non-Potter alternatives made the grade? Pop over to essbeevee and let me know if you agree/are planning on reading anything I have waffled about!

And thanks Sarah, for letting me take over your little space for a while. Hope you've had a truly excellent festival!



Tattoo Hullaballo

Today was a Lazy Day in terms of activity, but creatively speaking, it involved a fairly huge brainstorming/internet research session! After doodling around for the better part of the day in my sketchbook, I got thinking at tattoos again.

Studio 9 Tattoos