Wishlist | Harry Potter Edition!

Yesterday, I did something very exciting with my evening. And that very exciting thing involved my best friend, Emma, and a MINI HARRY POTTER HOLIDAY!

Yes, that's right. HARRY POTTER HOLIDAY! She's coming down to stay with me for 3 days in August and while she's here we're going to have jaunts to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford and the Shop at Platform 9 and 3/4 in Kings Cross Station and basically eat our own body weight in Bertie Botts. And wear themed outfits. And most probably buy wands and pretend we can do spells. All in all, we're going to have the best and most ridiculous time EVER.

Anyway, as you can expect, wizardly excitement overtook the entire evening and before I realised it was no longer Wednesday but THURSDAY. But if just pretend it IS still Wednesday (the Time Turners got broken remember, pretending will have to do), it means I can do a HARRY POTTER THEMED WISHLIST. Which I've done anyway. And here it is!

Nargles Poster. Because Luna is the best.