OOTD: Fairy Princess

This post is a first for me - I'm not a fashion blogger by any stretch of the imagination and I've never done an outfit post before, I'm way too awkward and usually dressed in something pretty average/unspectacular, and when I DO dress up I never remember to get photos!

But, this particular dress deserves the honour of being my first (and probably last!) OOTD, even if a) I'm not actually wearing it today, b) The photo was taken yesterday, c) The photo doesn't even show my face, d) I only have the one photo, and e) It was taken on my phone and so cannot possibly compete with all the beautiful fashion photography I see daily in other peoples blogs! Regardless, I'm posting it because I love it, and because I'm hoping for some advice on different ways to style it... I want to be able to prance around in it day and night, and for casual AND dressy occasions - which means I'll pretty much be wearing it non-stop - and so to prevent every single future photo of me being identical, I need some help accessorizing! I've put together a few ideas for different 'ways to wear' (I love these type of posts, especially WolfWhistles' ongoing series!) and welcome any input or further suggestions!

Without further ado, here 'it' is - my fairy princess dress of dreams!

Dress: Miss Selfridge (sold out online)


The Re-Awakening

Hello, again! (Or probably more accurately, hello, everyone!)

I have no idea if any of you even remember that I started/designed this blog a few months back, because about a week after 'launch' I kind of...abandoned it. And dropped off the face of the earth. I have a good reason - I won't go into the full rigmarole here, but the short story is I got fairly ill with a chronic disease, which then mutated into a whole host of other problems - but now, finally, I feel I'm at a stage in the recovery process where I feel able and enthusiastic enough to resurrect this little project!