Sketches & Sparkles

A little Christmas tradition is our house is for me to hand-draw cards for my Mum and sister, as they both like to pin them up on their walls and build a little collection of original sketches by my good self! I really enjoy doing them and although they're generally quite simple figures, they take a good hour or so and so give me something to do whilst they're at work/school; they're also a great way of channeling my Christmas/winter excitement so I don't get unbearably giddy too early! 


Photos Of Your Happy Place | Telegramme Magazine


If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're also a blogger. And bloggers LOVE photography. From taking our own photos to swooning over those posted on our blogrolls, we probably look at hundreds of photos per week and take up to half that amount ourselves. Hell, this occurs if you're not a blogger -EVERYONE loves looking at fabulous pictures, right!? Whether you have an amazing camera or do your best with your mobile phone, whether you edit with Photoshop or simply mess about with a few Instagram filters; everyone enjoys recording moments that meant something special to them, or snapshot a particularly beautiful or poignant image to treasure in future.

As well as blogs, there are many, many other sources of fantastic and thought provoking photographs online, from foody sites to travelling diaries to fashion zines and interior stylist catalogues. One such magazine is Telegramme, a magazine run by the rather brilliant Sarah Chong (I've followed her for years on twitter and she really is awesome - and no, this is not a sponsored post!) in order to showcase images that made her heart happy. The first issue was releases in March 2010, with subsequent issues falling between June 2010 and November 2013, with print copies becoming available from Issue 3 onwards. 


There's Only Splendor For The Sight

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Decorating the tree is one of the BEST things about Christmas. In our house, we do this a lot later than I'd ideally like (I'm one of those 'fling-tinsel-everywhere-on-Dec-1st' type people, Mum has a 'rule' about not doing it any earlier than a fortnight in) but last night, it FINALLY HAPPENED! Although, slight confession...we haven't exactly stuck by tradition. I'm not even sure if what we do have can be classed as a tree at all. It's got branches, and it's got lights, but that's where any nod to a recognizable Christmas tree ends. Because this year, instead of a spiky, pine scented Nordman Fir or a bushy bottle green Spruce, we have....

An enchanted forest style blossom tree! 


Simply Having A Wonderful LDN time!

Are you all feeling festive yet? I've been in a Christmassy mood since mid-November and have been waiting impatiently to go 'all out' with songs, jumpers, decorations, baking and tinsel wearing until everyone else caught up.. Now it's less than two weeks until the big day and apart from one or two odd stocking fillers, I'm done Christmas shopping and can dedicate all my time to dancing and prancing about, aimlessly professing my love for the winter season without shame!

One of the things I've always fancied doing at Christmas is ice skating at Somerset House, and as Charlie now lives near to London it struck me that it was high time to go and do just this. Unfortunately, with me being a bit too laid back and a bit too scatterbrained, I hadn't accounted for the fact that just about every single person in the entire world also wants to do this, and so the sessions were fully booked up by the time I wanted to get our tickets a few weeks ago! So instead, I got straight onto researching where else you could skate outside, and discovered that this year the Natural History Museum had an outdoor rink alongside a bar, carousel and mini-market!



The other day the very kind and wonderful Lousia of Duck In A Dress nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, which I am chuffed to accept! Louisa is one of the bloggers I found through #BEDN (my round up post of that is coming soon, I promise!) and I've really enjoyed reading her posts; finding so many new and fresh and funny and beautiful blogs has hands down been the best part of the past month and I'm thrilled that s.o.t.i is also finding a little place for itself and is being read/liked by all you lovely people!