Hello, and sorry for the radio silence on here this past week or so! As you'll know if you follow me on twitter, I'm currently looking for a new job, so have been madly researching and applying and emailing and speaking on the phone for most of my waking hours. It was also Charlie's birthday last week, and I managed to fit in another little visit to London to see him and eat burgers and watch The Wolf Of Wall Street and cook sausage rolls (posts coming on those later!) so blogging sort of had to be put on the back burner for a few days... However, I've squeezed a spot of time out of the midweek evenings and got lots of posts lined up for the next fortnight or so, including a few ones for MY BIRTHDAY next week! Think cakes, bakes and wishlists galore....

Talking of wishlists, I was recently contacted by the bright and beautiful I Love A Lassie team who very kindly offered to send me a preview of their new jewelry range, which as it turns out I was extremely taken by! It's not often I do sponsored or guest posts, and this is neither really, it's just that I have a set of glossy images, they have a bunch of lovely trinkets, I like blogging...and YOU guys like pretty things, right? So putting them all together, I figured it wouldn't be too outrageous to dedicate a small post that pleases everyone!

Birds Nest Collection


The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil.

It's a day late, but here's my post full of beardy brilliance! I promised I'd blog about this little (actually, it's HUGE) book Charlie bought me for Christmas the other night on twitter, which prompted a rather interesting discussion on whether it was a comic, a graphic novel or a story book, and what constituted each... After much deliberation, I'm going with graphic novel because that's how it describes itself!


Scarlett Lady | Dress Up January Competition

Last night I was having a cosy perusal of blogs after a full day of job applications and spotted this post by Amy. Now, I've never entered a competition like this before and as you'll all know, SOTI isn't exact a blog leader in the fashion stakes, but this project looked like good fun and a nice way of spending a half-hour break this morning! Amy has recently been working freelance for the women's online clothing boutique Scarlett Fashion, whose name I've seen crop up on twitter a fair bit and who stock a number of items from brands such as Yumi, Sugarhill Boutique and Paper Dolls. This January, owner Karen is running a little blogging competition where she is asking anyone who wishes to take part to create a purse-friendly outfit from the sale selection of Scarlett Fashion. The winner will receive all the items he or she picks, unless they've included items from other sites to finish off the outfit - Scarlett Fashion are yet to stock shoes or make-up, so padding out your entry with additional items is most definitely allowed!

Bag |  Snood | Dress | Shoes | Cardigan | Earrings  


2014 | Hello You, At Last.

And welcome! I'm determined to make you better, brighter and more brilliant than 2013.  Last year for me wasn't the best year of my life, to cut a long story short - it wasn't terrible, there was many ups but sadly one or two pretty huge downs, and I'm glad to say I was more than a little bit thrilled and relieved when the clock struck midnight on December 31st. I had a wonderful Christmas, which helped to boost my positivity at entering the New Year, and now 2014 is finally here, I'm brimming with ideas and enthusiasm and excitement for the clean and fresh months ahead! I like to think I always appreciate the small things and take joy from tiny events everyday, but sometimes it's hard to remember to do this - last year the hurdles I faced upset me more than I'd like to admit to myself, and so this year I'm even more determined to jump on the cliche bandwagon and ''look on the brightside'' more! I don't have any concrete plans, but if day to day this year, I'm happy more times than I'm sad, I'm well more times than I'm ill, I laugh more times than I complain and I appreciate more things than I criticize, then in my round-up post next December, I'll be pretty darn contented.