A Day At The Races - Dressing For Cheltenham

Apart from our little family tradition of betting on the Grand National - and by betting, I really mean each of us choosing a horse with the coolest name and putting a pound on it - I've never really had much to do with or taken much interest in horse racing (or any racing for that matter, as you've probably realized by now, sports and me are rather diametrically opposed). However, one thing I DO enjoy muchly and partake in at every available opportunity is dressing up and wearing/coveting beautiful clothes. Any excuse to look like a Disney princess is guaranteed to get a good reception from me! Such an event that obviously comes to mind is Ladies Day at Cheltenham races, which I might potentially be persuaded to attend at some point in the future, although I don't really like champagne, I hate wearing heels on grass and I currently own absolutely nothing that comes close to tweed!

Regardless, I did have fun imaging what I would wear if I did happen upon the chance to go, and the more I started browsing the more and more enthusiastic I became, if only for the fact that I'd get to wear a tutu again! (Read: extremely classy tulle skirt. Not 'tutu'. I just really, really like the word tutu). I know the outfit I've styled isn't stereotypical of the races (I'm looking at the sea of fitted dresses, nipped in waists, long button coats and cloche hats from last years event right now) but it's most definitely me and I know full well if I was really going, I wouldn't cheat myself out of an opportunity to bring a bit of fairy-like magic to the track! 

Maybe my outfit is better suited to Ascot in summer, rather than an inevitably cold, windy and drizzly day in March, but I'm a firm believer in dressing for fun, especially if it's just a one day/once in a lifetime thing. And in any case, no outfit has ever being ruined by a pretty umbrella, a soft wool coat, some cashmere gloves and a long winding scarf, right?! I'm also aware that there's a fine line between the 'WAG' style glamour and the classier 'Zara Philips' take on dressing for the races, and I like to hope that, whilst not exactly being in the latter camp, I wouldn't seem too ostentatious or crazy in the above get up! I've limited the colour scheme to a simple and pretty rose gold, pale pink and silver, and kept the sparkliness down to a few well placed gems that don't over dazzle or threaten to blind the horses on their way round the track...

The tweed blazer is an absolute given, and this one from SoCal fits in beautifully with the blush pink edging. I'd twist my hair up into a loose top knot and then wind in these gemstone pins for a bit of extra wow. I'd also need a small purse to keep all my winning (ha) betting slips in, and this one from Accessorize compliments the skirt perfectly. Top-half wise, I'm keeping it simple so as to let the skirt speak for itself, and have chosen an understated lace top with long sleeves to protect somewhat against the March climate. Like I said earlier, I don't know if I'd actually wear heels, given how much I hate getting stuck in the grass, but then again, I figured these Mui Mui beauties would be worth a few stumbles and clods! Finally, this necklace and bracelet set from is one Lola & Grace I've been coveting for months now, so it was actually the first thing I thought of to include when putting this outfit together. 

I'd love to know what you think of my choices, and what you'd think if you saw me pretty much prancing around ballerina style in a muddy enclosure! I've entered my princess inspired outfit into a competition, so if you like it I'd really appreciate a vote here, if I win I'd get the chance to attend the Ladies Day, even if I couldn't actually afford the Mui Mui shoes! I know my taste isn't to everyone's liking, but at the end of the day, the races are as much about socialising and having fun as they are about horses, and I know that if I were dressed in this outfit, I honestly wouldn't care either way if I won a single bet!



  1. Love this outfit - the skirt is beautiful! x

    1. Thank you! I've been in love with this skirt for months now, it's by Coast, I'm desperate for it to go in the sale! ;) x

  2. oh, for the day when I could afford some Miu Miu heels... I love them! I do like your outfit choice and I think being dressed in something that makes you feel pretty and confident is far more important than anything else that might influence your decision :)