Fudge Glorious Fudge | c/o Thomas The Baker

Fudge. That's all I really need to say in this post isn't it?
 Fudge is good. Fudge is delicious. Fudge is creamy and indulgent and chewy and golden and GLORIOUS. I like fudge. EVERYBODY likes fudge. And you know who makes THE BEST fudge?

Thomas the Baker, that's who.

Or at least, their fudge is very, very good. It's sweet but not too sweet, gooey but not in a 'glue-your-mouth-shut' way, creamy but not too sickly, and as a bonus, it smells DIVINE. Thomas The Baker blogger, PR assistant, outreach specialist and all round lovely lady Sian very kindly sent me a few pieces of this holy treat to review, but I'll quickly be buying up the whole stash unless she hides some away for all you guys too!

 I'm not just saying all these nice words because I like Sian, although I do. I saying them because I like Sian AND I like fudge, and she happens to have provided me with THIS fudge, which is my new favourite fudge! It's rich and buttery and a mix between the American style candy fudge and traditional Scottish tablet. Aka, it's the best of both worlds. For further proof, go and see more mouth-watering pictures of this soon-to-be-famous fudge right HERE on the Thomas The Baker Blog, whilst I go and savor my last piece...

How many more times can I say fudge before you go and order some? 


World Book Day 2014 | The Kindle Edition!

HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY! I get so incredibly excited for World Book Day even though I'm no longer a child who gets free vouchers and a pass to dress up as one of the coolest characters in the world for school. Granted, I could still dress up, but seeing as this years WBD has fallen on the one day I'm not actually leaving the house/my desk, I couldn't really justify buying a costume especially given the sorry nature of my current financial/job situation! (Anyone out there fancy hiring me? I LIKE BOOKS.)

However, if I did have some spare pennies floating around, and as soon as I do, I know exactly how they're going to be spent - Darcy is going to get a pretty little present! Darcy, if you don't already know, is my beloved new Kindle Paperwhite (named after Darcy Lewis, not the ballerina lady) and currently she's dressed in Jean Valjean's (my old Kindle, keep up!) rather scruffy old cover. It's been loved, no doubt about that, but it's also showing signs of fading, wear and tear, and given that Darcy is so beautiful and so shiny and so new I think she also deserves a costume just for herself!

I've been searching around online for interesting and unusual covers and skins, and etsy in particular really came up trumps - so many book loving talented craftiness, all in once place! My main problem is going to be choosing one item, and I'll be sorely tempted to go all out and get Darcy and entire new wardrobe so she can dress up everyday of the week. Here are some of my favourites  - I'd also love some more recommendations, if any of you guys have ever come across anything remotely similar and splendidly beautiful!